Foods That You Didn't Know Are Bad for Your Teeth


There are plenty of foods that are known to damage your teeth, but some foods aren’t as obvious. Our office has been proudly serving the Snohomish WA area for years and many people don’t know these foods can damage your teeth!



            Specifically, citrus fruit like lemon and grapefruit. These fruits are high in sugar naturally, and though they’re packed full of important nutrients this high sugar content can be damaging to your teeth. Grapefruit also has an especially high ph level, which further damages your teeth. It’s because of the high sugar content and ph levels in these citrus fruits that you should brush your teeth after eating citrus.



Bread, crackers, potatoes, chips, and more these starchy foods all include carbs which get turned into sugars very quickly. If you hold a cracker on your tongue it begins to turn sweet, these sugars can damage your teeth too. Focusing on eating foods with whole grains will help minimize the damage to your teeth.



            Ice itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your teeth, but chewing on it is. Damage to the outside enamel to your teeth comes about when you chew on the hard cold surface. Chewing on ice cracks and breaks that enamel which serves as a shield for your teeth. This damage opens your teeth up to further potential damage.


Sour Candy

            Candy is a well-known culprit for tooth decay, but sour candy contains even more acids than regular candies do. This acid paired with the sugar in the candies makes sour candies like this even more damaging to your teeth. It’s best to avoid sour candy where possible or to clean your teeth after eating sour candies.


Here at Caring Dentistry, we’ve been Proudly Serving Snohomish WA for years to ensure your smile is the best it could be! Feel free to ask us about more tips to preserve your smile at your next appointment!


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