5 Actionable Dental Anxiety Tips from Your Everett Dentist  


Dental anxiety is all too common in the United States and keeps many people away from the dental healthcare they need. You don't want to wait until emergencies occur to go to the dentist; however, anxiety can be debilitating.  


Fortunately, there are ways you can combat it–and your dentist will help.   


Keep reading to learn how to lessen your anxiety for your next appointment with an Everett dentist today!   


1. Don't Go Alone  


There's no shame in bringing a family member or trusted friend if you have moderate to severe dental anxiety. Not only will they help the wait in the lobby go by faster, but most dentists will allow them to come back with you for your appointment.   


They can keep you distracted by speaking with you, holding your hand, or telling you about their day. By the time you know it, the appointment will be over!   


2. Bring Distractions  


Don't be afraid to bring earbuds so you can listen to music, audiobooks, or videos during your appointment. You'll also want to consider bringing stress balls or other fidget toys to keep your hands busy. Most hygienists and dentists understand that these distractions make it easier for patients.  


3. Arrive on Time  


One of the top ways you can exacerbate your anxiety is by attending your dental appointment too early. Although it's important that you arrive on time,   


If you're running five or ten minutes late, don't stress–try to call the office as soon as possible to give them a heads up. They can usually accommodate you if they know you will arrive soon!   


4. Communicate with Your Dentist   


Good dentists are familiar with dental anxiety and will do everything in their power to help you feel more comfortable if you open up to them about your worries. This can be as simple as turning on the tv for you or playing music–they may also be able to offer nitrous gas so that you can fully relax.   


They'll also take the time to explain the procedure so that you know exactly what to expect–there will be no surprises.   


5. Try Mindfulness Exercises  


Lastly, it's normal for our breathing to become shallow when stressed. However, this can make your body even tenser, creating a vicious feedback loop. So instead, pay attention to your breathing and count to ten with each inhale.   


You'll find that your breathing will become deeper and even out, easing the tension you feel in your body over time.   


Don't Let Anxiety Keep You Away from Your Everett Dentist  


Scheduling an appointment for the dentist can be nerve-wracking if you've had poor experiences. However, you don't wait to go to your Everett dentist until an emergency occurs and you're in pain. Instead, find a dentist that has experience working with people with anxieties.  


With empathy and patience, they'll help make your experience as seamless and comfortable as possible. Ready to schedule an appointment with us? Fill out our easy online form today!   


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